The Centre for Women in the Himalayas 

The Centre for Women in the Himalayas aims to provide information necessary to all agencies and institutions doing research or developing programmes and policies related to Gender in the Himalayas, and to help groups which are supporting people in the Himalayas.

The Centre’s overlying objective is to improve gender and women-related practices by all stakeholders in the Himalayan region through inclusive development and by supporting activities that will improve the lives and rights of women.

The Centre brings to the fore specific data and information related to gender issues. It highlights the results of development efforts involving gender to develop new and appropriate policy options. It makes all of the above available to governments, international development agencies, civil society and the NGO community. The Centre advocates for women’s development in the Himalayas from a firm knowledge base, provides informed advice, and strengthens gender awareness.

 The Centre for Women in the Himalayas – Objectives
 To act as a regional centre        
 for cooperation and synergies   
 among development                 
 organisations for                      
 gender-related issues               
 To promote research,                 
 to analyse, to pool & share         
 knowledge concerning               
 issues affecting women’s lives    
 in the Himalayas                        
 To assist agencies in the                
 region in incorporating                   
gender sensitive                          
 approach in their initiatives            
 and projects