Gender Impact Programme – application

CWH as a regional platform focuses on gender sensitivity and strives towards greater gender awareness within organisations. Gender mainstreaming at project level means that CWH takes into consideration the needs of women, men, boys and girls when designing new projects and throughout the project cycle. The goal is to always work with sex and age disaggregated data as to monitor not only the direct impact of the project for the beneficiaries but in the long-term also social changes regarding gender equality. At institutional level, internal policies and documents are being reviewed with regard to gender while workshops are organised for all Norlha staff to increase awareness and knowledge of gender issues in all departments. Furthermore CWH, aims to reach out to its implementing partners on the ground, by organising courses on gender and gender mainstreaming while encouraging other humanitarian actors to share knowledge and best practices

Gender Impact Programme- benefits:

  1. 3-6 months support (in-kind, hands-on training, coaching & mentoring)
  2. Access to global  and local mentors/experts
  3. Knowledge data base & experiential learning
  4. Partnership with organisations and access to peer-to-peer gender network