Our mission is to advance the wellbeing of women
and girls in remote areas of the Himalayas

The Centre for Women in the Himalayas is a platform for networking and cooperation among development partners in the area. It is a hub for pooling, exchanging knowledge and experiences from the region where the social, cultural and legal frameworks determine women’s livelihoods and development. It is designed to act as a regional forum for debate on women in the Himalayas, facilitating discussions and exchanges among development operators, government officials, donors, beneficiaries and academics.
CWH is a central point of cooperation with other development partners at all levels and it plays an important role in determining priorities and specific activities such as shaping policies or influencing the direction of actions taken in the region. The Centre is open to all organisations active in development in the Himalayas that wish to collaborate on gender-related issues, and it takes the following shape:

Regional aspect

The Centre for Women in the Himalayas places emphasis on understanding and developing knowledge of the region and its issues, as well as publicising widely the issues faced by Himalayan communities. Regional understanding, knowledge building and knowledge management provide the opportunity to further the cause of the region’s population and to influence, over time, the decisions of other organisations. The Centre’s regionally based capacity (the Regional office in Kathmandu) is a major asset.