Regional Platform for knowledge sharing and impact

The Centre for Women in the Himalayas is a platform for enabling, knowledge-building, knowledge-sharing and learning aimed at promoting gender inclusive development practices by all stakeholders in the region. The platform through its Gender Impact Programme bridges theory and practical application in projects and initiatives. This is done by providing a structured programme of support and guidance to project owners.

   Knowledge Platform

  1. Research and analysis: action-oriented, regional, field research, analysis of
    policies, institutions and programmes, workshops/ events for practitioners and
  2. Knowledge management, presentation and distillation of knowledge,
    awareness-raising activities, CWH’s data bank, dissemination and advocacy.

            Gender Impact Programme

                           Gender mainstreaming (and capacity building) implemented via a structured
                         support programme. To bridge theory and practical application:

                          In the project planning phase provide training and mentorship. In the project
                          implementation phase provide access to the knowledge platform.